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Affichage des articles du février, 2023

Bluetooth usage that could help in disaster situations

  Bluetooth usage that could help in disaster situations I read a tweet about communication protocols that could be used in a disaster. Then I asked myself how existing technologies could help. As a disclaimer, I’m not a first responder or a disaster expert of any kind. Just an engineer trying to propose ideas to help. Many Bluetooth tracker devices broadcast their information for days, even years. These trackers can be keychains, wristbands, or watches. Some publicly advertise their data in a way that can be interpreted easily. In an earthquake situation, first responders could use Bluetooth scanners to detect if there are devices nearby and identify personal devices among them. Thanks to the received signal strength indicator (RSSI), they can have a rough idea of the distance and get closer to the device. Here is a screenshot from the free nRF Connect app while scanning for Bluetooth devices in the neighborhood: You can see that the smartphone discovered a personal fitness tracker

The first OpenMQTTGateway powered off the shelves device !

  The first OpenMQTTGateway-powered device ready to set up is available! The smart home is a fragmented space with difficulties in making ecosystems talk together, it should improve with the new Matter standard, but we still have millions of devices already produced that are not Matter compatible . What if we could reduce the number of hubs required and have only one that supports different ecosystems? This is the purpose of OpenMQTTGateway , an open-source project compatible with Home Assistant, Homebridge, OpenHAB, DomoticZ, FHEM, Jeedom, NodeRed, AWS, and any MQTT-compatible IoT or SmartHome system. For example, with OpenMQTTGateway, the appropriate BLE sensor, and one of these smart home platforms, you can: Monitor your plants and have an alert when the moisture is too low, Have a notification when your meat is at the expected temperature, thanks to BBQ sensors, Monitor your fridge/freezer temperature  Verify if the humidity in your wine cellar or cigar box is as expected Measure C