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Affichage des articles du octobre, 2016

Interfacing the 433mhz bidirectional MQTT Gateway with Openhab

In this article I’m going to detail how to integrate the  OpenMQTTGateway  with OpenHAB using MQTT protocol. We will explore two kind of integration : -a cheap socket wall switch (on/off) -a voltage sensor ( values between 0 to 5000mV) based on this tutorial Before continuing you must have : ·          An MQTT broker running (for example mosquitto) ·          An OpenHAB instance running with the MQTT addon binding configured to talk to your MQTT broker ·          The 433mhz Gateway setup (either arduino or esp8266 one) Cheap wall socket The wall socket that we will be using are these ones Be carefull not all the wall sockets are compatible with RCSwitch (Library used by the 433Mhz Gateway). For example blyss ones are not compatible. Learning the codes of your plug First step will be to learn the code that are used by the plug. So as to that open your command line and subscribe to the following subject : home/433toMQTT Press the ON button of the rem