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Affichage des articles du mars, 2019

Add of LORA technology to OpenMQTTGateway

The V0.9.1 release of  OpenMQTTGateway  will introduce the compatibility with LORA RF technology based on the work of  Sandeep MISTRY . LORA is a technology used on Low Power Wide Area Network, the 3 first words of this definition are very interesting. Indeed in home automation we are often faced against the challenge of range and working with battery powered device. LORA solves both problems by its low power consumption and its "kms" range. The first tests on OMG  has been done with the TTGO LORA boards based on ESP32. They are delivered with an antenna and an embedded display. Quite usefull for the first tests. Note that the modules I bought had already a sender and receiver program flashed! If you want to reflash these programs you can find them here: You can use this library for the display: These modules combined with OpenMQTTGatewa

OpenMQTTGateway support

After a few years of contributing to OpenMQTTGateway project I see that the scope of the project is exceeding my own home usage, more and more use cases are found by the users. Request of incorporating, gateways, devices, tests are very frequents but I miss devices or components to test with. So as to continue to extend the OMG functionnalities I've decided to build a list of compatible components and compatible devices with affiliated links .  The principle is the following, if you bought something coming from these links there will be a commission for me. This will support my work on OpenMQTTGateway project . If you are searching for compatible devices here is the list : If you are searching for compatible components here is the list