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Affichage des articles du novembre, 2022

Playing with the B-Parasite

One of the most successful Bluetooth Low Energy devices that started appearing in our Smart Home is the Xiaomi Mi Flora. Decoded and integrated into OpenMQTTGateway in 2017  this device enabled us to have a nice follow-up on our plants and vegetables' health. One of the main drawbacks is its power consumption, I'm around 6-9 months in terms of battery life. Not very satisfying when we see BLE sensors that can last several years. By chance, I found recently the work of Raphael about the b-Parasite, a BLE open-source plant sensor: It is interesting from several aspects: Nice form factor and size The moisture probe is integrated into the PCB You can order directly from the files proposed to a PCB manufacturer with most of the components already soldered nRF52 powered, a reference module in Bluetooth Low Energy It's open-source design and code! So why not try it and see if it can replace my Mi Floras. The ordering experience from JLPCB was