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Affichage des articles du septembre, 2019


For this new article we will adapt a new device; the SMART RF & WIFI GATEWAY or SMART HOME MODEM (difficult to have the real name with this kind of generic product ...) The shape of the stick and its theoretical abilities attracted me at first time in aliexpress , I was asking myself what kind of microcontroller handle the wifi and RF on this size. A simple package with a short user manual and the USB Stick. At the rear a link enable to download an app, but it is not the way I want to go. If with a screw driver or a knife we open it, we can see a surprise ! It seems to have an ESP on it. We can see also a buzzer, a button and 2 leds. At the right we see the 433mhz antenna with its decoder. The part of the uC back that we can see looks like a lot with the back side of an ESP12 .We see also 4 small holes that remind us the kind of programming holes present on the SONOFF devices. Do they enable to flash the chip? By checking