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Affichage des articles du février, 2018

Adding infrared emitter to SONOFF RF BRIDGE

With the add of   SONOFF RF Bridge   to the OpenMQTTGateway compatibility list we were able to send and receive 433mhz by MQTT.  The interesting thing with OpenMQTTGateway is the ability to have on one board several gateways (RF, IR, BLE and more to come ;-).  The last versions of SONOFF RF BRIDGE as two IO free pins , why not using these pins to add a new gateway to this little cheap device and control more devices. If we follow the interest of the different gateways you are more interested on RF and after comes IR infrared. My choice came in this case to add an infrared emitter to the RF Bridge, with this gateway we are adding the capacity of controlling TV, DVD, hifi... On the hardware side, I followed the same schematic for IR setup with ESP8266  with just a little add a protection resistor of 1K for the IR led. The other resistor is connected between the transistor base and IO5 of the RF Bridge instead of D0. The IR led is powered by the 3,3V of the Sonoff RF Bri