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Affichage des articles du janvier, 2017

Making your RF 433mhz sensors and devices communicate with your home automation, gateways comparison

After more than one year of usage of home automation (HA) I have seen that one critical point is the communication between the sensors/devices and the HA system.  There is several possibilities for that: Infrared 5,8ghz 2,4ghz 867mhz 433mhz wire ... And for each of these possibility we can have a huge amount of different protocols. The goal of this article is to draft a list of the 433mhz gateways that can be found. We will focus on 433mhz due to the fact that i n european countries 433mhz devices/sensors are quite easy to find and with a correct price. We will take the following citerias: Price DIY complexity Number of protocols taken into account Complexity of home automation integration And take a look at RFXCom, RFLink, 433toMQTTto433 ESP8266, 433Utils, Broadlink RM... I will put in green the keypoints of each gateway. E&R = 433mhz emitter and receiver, can be a FS1000A and a XD-RF-5V or a superheterodyne one (recommended)