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Affichage des articles du août, 2019

NEW SONOFF RFR3 as a 433toMQTT gateway?

I had the occasion to test the new Sonoff rfr3. This device is the evolution of the Sonoff RF basic. The Sonoff RFR3 act as a relay, you power it with AC and you can pilot the relay with the app provided by Sonoff. But of course this it not my goal here.   DANGER OF ELECTROCUTION   Before digging into it. I warn you about the risk of manipulating high voltage devices. You have a risk of electrocution. If you don't have the competencies call an electrician. Don't put in danger yourself, your entourage or your home. The first thing to verify was to see if i can flash OpenMQTTGateway on it, pilot the relay and check the buttons pushes. Before unmounting the SONOFF you must disconnect it from AC. As I have already done some flashing by FTDI I decided to reuse this method (I didn't tried SonOTA). There was no special issue encountered during the flashing process.  You will find hereafter the platformio used for the flashing.