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Affichage des articles du avril, 2016

433toMQTTto433 - Bidirectional Arduino gateway between RF 433Mhz signal and MQTT

The goal of the Arduino 433toMQTTto433 is to act as a gateway between 433Mhz sensors and a MQTT broker or between the MQTT broker and 433Mhz actuators, It enables to: receive MQTT data from a topic and send RF 433Mhz signal corresponding to the received MQTT data  publish MQTT data to a different topic related to received 433Mhz signal  It can be an interesting part in an home automation system so as to interface sensors and actuators with software like openhab. The interest of putting this gateway to an arduino and not on a raspberry pi is to be able to manage security actions at arduino level (power on a siren, cut power to certain devices) following RF data received by sensors without being dependent to the PI for security related actions. [EDIT] all infos are now centralized into  the github repository  take a look at it you will find up to date info about OpenMQTTGateway You need: Arduino UNO  W5100 Ethernet shield  433Mhz Receiver XD RF 5V and transmitter FS1000A 

Under 150€ DIY open home automation system

Since several months I worked on setting up an home automation system for my house. The goal was to have an open system, with an important part of DIY work and second hand components so as to satisfy my curiosity about these new technologies. In this first article I will expose the architecture of the system , the bill of material and the software involved. These devices are maybe not compliant with your country regulations and norms, it is your responsability to verify this compliance. Bill of material: 3 * 433Mhz presence sensor 5€ = 15€ 3 * 433Mhz door sensor 4€ = 12€ 1 * 433Mhz smoke detector  8€ = 8€ 1 * arduino UNO clone = 5€ 1 * arduino ethernet shield W5100 = 6€ 1 * raspberry pi 2 or 3 = 40€ 1 * sdcard 8gb = 5€ 1 * 433Mhz receiver and  1 * 433Mhz transmitter   = 1.50€ 1 * siren 3€ 1 * 9V wall transformer (second hand) 1€ 1 * kit of 3 switch plug = 20€ 1 * DHT11 temperature sensor = 1.50€ 1 * old computer speakers = 5€ Leds and resistors <3€ Architect