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Affichage des articles du novembre, 2020

A reliable Raspberry Pi 4B setup with UPS (power bank) and SSD

 After more than 4 years spent in home automation, the thing that bothered me the most was the regular failure of my Pi SD cards. These failures were the consequences of power supply issues and too much IO on the SD card. I could have tried to reduce the IO or to buy a better model of SD card. With a home automation system, you need something that is available when you need it. Not something that stops in the middle of your holidays. So here are the results of my recommendations: For the storage, it is now well known that the SD Card on the PI is subject to corruption, to avoid that you can put your system in read-only mode, try to reduce the writing, or install an SSD. The raspberry pi 4b can now also boot from the SSD. I choose this solution as I wanted to keep the DB on the Pi. For the UPS, I had the occasion to test several Power Bank without satisfaction. Indeed if the power bank you are using doesn't have a pass-through mode, you have a risk that the bank will stop at an unex