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Affichage des articles du août, 2022

OpenMQTTGateway and OpenHAB 3 with auto discovery of Things

  This tutorial will show how to integrate the BLE gateway to OpenHAB3 leveraging the auto-discovery functionality. After this tutorial, you should see your   Bluetooth Low Energy devices compatible with OpenMQTTGateway   in OpenHAB3 without any file-based manual configuration. Note that this tutorial is also available in OpenMQTTGateway  documentation Prerequisites OpenHAB 3.3 or higher MQTT broker installed with or without authentication A location defined in the “Model” section under “Settings” IP address (if your broker is installed on the same server as OpenHAB) The goal is to disable the IPv6 address of the broker server, so that the gateway can connect through IPv4. From the Administration click on Settings Click on Network Settings Click on Show Advanced Disable IPv6 Click on Save Note If the broker is installed on another server you will also need to configure it with an IPv4 address. Install the MQTT binding From the Administration click on Settings Click on Bindings Install