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Affichage des articles du juin, 2016

Functions implemented in the home automation system

Here is the functions that can be adressed with the architecture described here, all these functions are integrated and can be linked together if necessary

Alarm systemPresence detection by PIR and door/window sensorsAutomatic detection of house mode (presence/out) by wifi and geolocalisationWhen a presence is detected start a siren and send an emailSmoke detector make the home automation siren start and send an emailCamera motion control (extra added later on)Presence simulationEnergy monitoring Instant consumption monitoringDayly consumption monitoringVoltage measurementHistory charts

MediaSqueezebox integrationPlay/stop change internet radioAdjust volume
Home automationSwitch ON/OFF plugs remotely with an android application or a web siteMonitor temperature and humidity of roomsWeather forecast (integrated from yahoo data)Text to speech, when someone wake up give the weather forecast for exampleHistory charts of temperature and humiditiesIFTTT integration to build scenarios with extra …