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AVATTO S06 IR gateway compatible with OpenMQTTGateway

For this new post we will make compatible with OpenMQTTGateway; the BAKEEY IR remote on bangood or AVATTO S06 on Aliexpress (the links are affiliated).
From this discussion on Home Assistant forum I have deducted that the AVATTO gateways may be uploaded with a new firmware, so I bought 2 of them. Thanks to their pinout informations I was able to quickly get this device up and running with OMG.OverviewThe S06 is a compact IR bridge with FCC, CE and RoHS marks,you can find it for less than 15$. Here is some photos:

DisassemblyIt is not so easy to open, you will need a thin plate, insert it on the junction between the two box parts and do a lever effect at several locations.

We can see inside that the micro controller is a TYWE3S, the FCC datasheet  give us plenty of information:ESP82661mb flash50K RAMSo we may be able to flash it with an FTDI and upload OMG.
Here is the LED setup:

SONOFF MICRO USB switch review

I had the chance to test the sonoff micro (product given by itead), this device is an USB connected switch. You can control it from the Ewelink app and by the way power ON or OFF your USB devices. You can also program the start or the stop.

It can answer several use cases:
Restart your raspberry pi <4 if you are not at your home from a third party applicationRestart your ESP or ArduinoCut your smartphone power when it is chargedSwitch on or off devices powered by USB (mini lamp, mini fans...)The device is tiny but nevertheless be carefull it will not fit on all USB port environments.

The button enable to power it on or off without smartphone and to put into pairing mode.

The interesting stuff comes here, the device is rated for 5V 2.5A, it doesn't support Quick charge or power supply >5V. We see that the device support 2.4Ghz wifi as the other sonoff devices.

If we check the current consumption without device we can see that it is less than 0.1A.
If the Sonoff is disconnected from …


For this new article we will adapt a new device; the SMART RF & WIFI GATEWAY or SMART HOME MODEM (difficult to have the real name with this kind of generic product ...)
The shape of the stick and its theoretical abilities attracted me at first time in aliexpress, I was asking myself what kind of microcontroller handle the wifi and RF on this size.
A simple package with a short user manual and the USB Stick.
At the rear a link enable to download an app, but it is not the way I want to go.

If with a screw driver or a knife we open it, we can see a surprise !

It seems to have an ESP on it.
We can see also a buzzer, a button and 2 leds. At the right we see the 433mhz antenna with its decoder.
The part of the uC back that we can see looks like a lot with the back side of an ESP12
.We see also 4 small holes that remind us the kind of programming holes present on the SONOFF devices. Do they enable to flash the chip?
By checking with a multimeter and seeing the pinout we can verify that the first …

NEW SONOFF RFR3 as a 433toMQTT gateway?

I had the occasion to test the new Sonoff rfr3.
This device is the evolution of the Sonoff RF basic.

The Sonoff RFR3 act as a relay, you power it with AC and you can pilot the relay with the app provided by Sonoff. But of course this it not my goal here.
Before digging into it. I warn you about the risk of manipulating high voltage devices. You have a risk of electrocution. If you don't have the competencies call an electrician. Don't put in danger yourself, your entourage or your home.
The first thing to verify was to see if i can flash OpenMQTTGateway on it, pilot the relay and check the buttons pushes. Before unmounting the SONOFF you must disconnect it from AC. As I have already done some flashing by FTDI I decided to reuse this method
(I didn't tried SonOTA). There was no special issue encountered during the flashing process.  You will find hereafter the platformio used for the flashing.

Platformio definition :  [env:sonoff-basic-rfr3]

SONOFF RM433 remote control with 8 buttons

It’s a nice little remote control with 8 buttons, it is powered with a 12V 27 battery.

You can also buy a base, the remote fits into it by a magnet.

The protocol used is compatible with OpenMQTTGateway modules below:
ZgatewayRF (ESP32 or ESP8266 with an RF receiver)ZgatewaySRFB (Sonoff RF Bridge)Here is the official link:

SONOFF Official SONOFF RM433 - RF receiver for Remote Control | SONOFF Official SONOFF RM433 is a 433MHz transmitter. With it, you can remotely control the devices and appliances that can receive 433MHz RF Now if we take a look to the power consumption of this sensor we can see that:
When sending signal 9mA during around 0.5sSleep current less than 1uA continuouslyDuration estimation
See relative comparison into the list of compatible devices
It should last more than 1 year with 20 actions per day.

Some pictures:

Power consumption when no action

OpenMQTTGateway_devices_SONOFF-RM433_sensor_sleep_current.jpg437×792 103 KB