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Affichage des articles du septembre, 2017

Changing the openmqttgateway pinout !

By adding more and more modules to the gateway free pins begins to be difficult to find. The classic wiring used since the begining doesn't answer to the need of adding i2c or rfm69. Rfm69 for instance use fixed pins already used by other component. Due to these issues we had to redesign a new wiring. There is no anymore classic, I2C or RFM69 wiring selection in configuration. We now have only one wiring with RF, IR, I2C, ADC, HCSR501 and BT gateway. If you want to add RFM69 and DHT you need to remove I2C , BT and HCSR501. These 2 configurations are described here . Of course you can adapt these configurations to suits your needs, they are not a fixed base.  They are only suggestions corresponding to the wiki schematic and config pins Thanks for the big work of @hannesdi on the wiki/tests and the suggestion of using RX pin from @gammelobst .

KAKU A new protocol supported by OpenMQTTGateway

The first gateway done with OpenMQTTGateway was the RF one based on RCSwitch (all began with that :-)).  This library is quite robust and support some basic protocols, unfortunately its development is not so active. You could ask me to add protocols directly to the RCSwitch library, but without going this way I was looking for protocols adds with efficient solutions already built (time is a rare commodity). By googling and discussing on the forums I found the NewRemoteSwitch library from Fuzzylogic .  This library enables to control among others  KlikAanKlikUit  devices with an Arduino. I tried to port to ESP8266 and with some lite modifications it worked! With the help of  @DenDeze who did some tests on the library modification, KAKU is now integrated to the gateway since V0.4-beta release . The KAKU Protocol is used for instance by DIO chacon devices. Example below : For this gateway named RF2 I use the same hardware receiver and transmitter as RCSwitch ga

Why adding RFM69 compatibility to OpenMqttGateway

The next release of OpenMQTTGateway will introduce the compatibility with RFM69 transceivers based on the work of lowpowerlab and bbx10 . After some discussions about what will be the new module for OpenMQTTGateway we concluded that the rfm69 from HopeRF would be a good candidate. I did the implementation with the most powerfull variant of RFM69 the RFM69HCW. It offers in one module : Emission and reception It support multiple frequencies 315, 433, 868 and 915mhz It  has a range of several hundred meters It  has acknowledgment, you know when the data sent has been received by the recipients It  can adapt its power related to the distance between sender and receiver In some word you can now have mqtt data from far sensors with low power consumption. This first implementation support the rfm69 library which make it compatible de facto with moteinos  low power boards. A second step could be to integrate the library from jeelabs to be compatible with jeenodes