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Affichage des articles du janvier, 2018

ESP32 compatibility, 433mhz 315mhz communication, BLE presence detection and mi flora readings

While I was waiting for the ESP32 developement environment to be enough mature I found a presence detection implementation from @ touliloup . It was the opportunity to put my hands on the ESP32 dev board that was waiting for me. I started with the BLE gateway development. The first attempt with the libraries supplied with the Arduino ESP32 environement was not successfull. I had to add the library from Neil Kolban : With the examples provided it was quite easy to setup a first system that display on the serial monitor the BLE devices nearby. The next step was to integrate the function with MQTT and by the way to recover the same level of funcionnality we already had with esp8266 + hm10. Not so difficult until there. The goal of OpenMQTTGateway is to be able to have on a single system several gateways so as to centralize the telecommunication part of your controller.  In this context the following is