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Affichage des articles du juillet, 2018

Connected terrarium with arilux module

One easy thing that you can build with your child is a terrarium, but what about mixing this achievment with your DIY competencies and transform it into a connected terrarium. Here is how to do it: Bill of materials :  Terrarium Big recipient in glass with a top that can be drilled or cut (so as to pass the alimentation cable) A cap in plastic of another recipient that can fits into the bigger cap Different earth or little stones color. Plants Cup of something in plastic Connected light FTDI so as to program the Arilux the first time (after you can upload by Over The Air update) Arilux AL-LC0X Power supply for the arilux Rgb led strip Glue gun Step 1 :  Connected light We are not going to use the stock firmware of the ARILUX (of course ;-) so as to connect it to a home automation controller (in this case OpenHAB). We will load into the Arilux the firmware from mertenats  So as to load the firmware follow the instructions on the f