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Affichage des articles du juin, 2017

New major version of OpenMQTTGateway V0.3

I'm pleased to announce OpenMQTTGateway V0.3 release with the following content:

Add BLE beacons detection thanks to HM10 keyes moduleThis is a major add, you can now detect BLE beacons that are into the gateway perimeter for presence detection, the gateway publish the beacon adress and the signal strength Add the possibility to pass raw data to and from mqtt from and to IRNow you can pass raw IR signal and receive also them
Add RF and IR repeater functionThis function enable to increase the range of your devices by repeating the received signals with the gateway.
Add the ability to handle RF codes with different bit length than 24Add the possibility to filter unknown protocols for IRAdd the possibility to take into account Sony IR protocol special parametersCorrect DHT wrong pin assignementAdd an option to don't resend dht temperature and humidity when there is no value changeChange to GPL V3 license to prepare future libraries addThe new version is available on the github