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Affichage des articles du novembre, 2017

SONOFF RF BRIDGE with custom firmware

From an user request I took a look into the SONOFF RF Bridge , a quite interesting device from SONOFF. It is able to send and receive 433mhz signal with a very competitive price of less than 10€. I already own several SONOFF Smart switches on which I loaded custom firmwares with success. One is working since months perfectly! Here is how the RF bridge looks inside: First thing I used to do when I launch some new development is to check the state of the art, as we often say google is your friend. And by searching the compatibility between the bridge and RCSwitch library (the main RF library of OpenMQTTGateway) I fall into the very good work of  Xose Pérez  ( Tinkerman ) He ported successfully its ESPURNA code to the Sonoff RF Bridge. After following its instructions and some mistakes from me (be careful about choosing the good line of pins on the bridge for your FTDI connectors :-( and choose the following parameters exce

Mi flora integration to OpenMQttgateway

Following some users requests on OpenMQTTGateway github I made some research and code to be able to read data from Mi Flora sensor also known as xiaomi flower sensor. The goal is to connect the mi flora to an mqtt compatible controller like openhab or home assistant with a simple arduino or esp8266 connected to an hm10/11 module. Mi flora use Bluetooth Low Energy technology to communicate to a smartphone.  It gather on one sensor temperature, humidity, hygro and fertility measurement. These measures are available through an app on your smartphone so as to monitor your plants. As this device use BLE the idea was to be able to read the measures with OpenMqttgateway through the hm10 component. Some code and library are already available in python for the pi or equivalents. But not for arduino or esp8266. This is where it begins. With the current gateway version we were able to receive the mac adress of ble devices including the mi flora one. But not the device